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IronArch Technology supports our Federal Government by solving its complex IT modernization and operational challenges through a customized cloud migration journey. We guide clients through this journey by first gaining an understanding of their unique needs, then providing  analysis and decision support, platform solution development analysis and implementation, and customized software engineering solutions. We assist senior leaders in making informed and cost-effective decisions along the way, delivering the expertise they need to successfully carry out their missions.

Cloud Strategy & Implementation

The need for digital transformation across industries, organizations, and federal agencies is critical. IronArch enables agencies to modernize their processes by positioning cloud technology at the core of their business. In line with the Office of Management and Budget’s Cloud Smart policy, IronArch provides innovative and adaptable cloud solutions to federal agencies that ensure they are operating within compliance and as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our proprietary CloudKey technology offers agencies a criticality assessment to determine the appropriate architecture and provide an analysis of cost estimates for hosting cloud migration. CloudKey delivers a single data source with a user-friendly interface, which can be integrated across multiple platforms, including ServiceNow and Amazon Web Services. CloudKey also allows customizable permissions and provides automated analysis and tracking for cloud migration.

Platform Solution Development (ServiceNow)

IronArch creates innovative IT management solutions tailored to each clients’ needs. As clients face the need to upgrade outdated legacy systems, we help accelerate their digital transformation to a more agile and modern operation. IronArch supports the design, development, and implementation of a business program management portal on the ServiceNow platform. We also integrate our proprietary CloudKey technology with our program management solutions on multiple platforms. Our team can assist with reducing the size of a single facility, merging multiple facilities, or developing a hybrid approach that reduces your IT footprint and enables business agility.

Software Engineering

IronArch’s highly skilled developers and software and application engineers support a broad range of engineering projects, such as customized analysis and software development, among our other IT modernization and transformation solutions. In addition to creating our proprietary CloudKey technology, our accomplished engineers are at the ready to support the design, development, and maintenance of software to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our team has the language expertise to introduce best practices through agile methodologies and DevSecOps processes.